Concussion in Sports- Mayo Clinic

“Concussions in Sports – Mayo Clinic.” YouTube. YouTube, 27 Sept. 2012. Web. 03 Mar. 2013.

Sydney Urzendowski’s life was turned upside down by devastating concussions. She shares her story along with David Dodick, M.D., neurologist and concussion expert at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. After seeking treatment at Mayo Clinic she is now on the road to recovery.  The active teenager from Elkhorn, Nebraska, offers advice to others who think it’s okay to “play through” a concussion.

Sydney used to play soccer and softball. Her life was changed all because she played through her concussion. Sydney suffered concussion from a ball that she headed in a soccer game. Despite from scoring the goal Sydney immediately suffered a headache and dizziness.  Sydney was taken out of the game and tested for a concussion. Red flags popped up everywhere, she had a concussion. Sydney did one of the worst things you can do, she continued to stay very active. She continued going to school and playing her sports, but this all resulted in making the situation dramatically worse.  For two years Sydney had trouble sleeping, extreme headaches, and even depression. When Sydney reached her breaking point Sydney was treated at the Mayo Clinic and slowly but surely returning back to her normal state.

Sydney’s story is just one of many stories that people can relate to. Her biggest message to everyone at the end of the video was to immediately get out of the game if you take any hard blows to the head, it’s not worth it. This story has a happy ending, but it’s heart breaking to see the struggle she went through for two years all because she continued to play through her concussion. I know I can learn and take valid advice away from this video.


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