The Pressure of Sports

Miller, George. The Prentice Hall Reader. 7th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1998.

           Being cut from a sports team can be heartbreaking especially to a kid. Cut from a team that all your friends are on can be so disappointing and a letdown. Bob Greene a grown man still remembers the time when he was twelve and being cut from his Junior High Basketball team. He had walked up to the piece of paper tacked to the bulletin board and looking up to see his name on the cut list. Holding it together as best as he could he walked about of the gymnasium and made his way home, but cried all the way home. This story was only one of many stories of people being cut from a sports team.
           Bob Graham is a successful thirty-six year old partner with the Jenner & Block law firm in Chicago. He was sixteen when he was cut from his baseball team. Graham said, “…baseball was my whole life.” Being cut from the baseball team had to be one of the hardest things he went through as a high school teenager. He said, “The cut list went up. I did not make the team. Reading that cut list is one of the clearest things I have in my memory. I wanted not to believe it, but there it was.” Maurice McGrath, Author Malcolm MacPherson, and Dan Rather all successful men in life had all experienced this sometime in their life. This memory is one never forgotten by them, but without the struggle on the way they may have never turned out as successful as they are today.
           When you’re cut from a team it is probably one of the most heart wrenching things you can experience as a kid growing up. I have seen it happen to girls many of times who I have played soccer with all my life. When you are only a kid a sport means so much to you. Although these men were cut from sports team growing up I believe everything happens for a reason and if they didn’t get cut from this team they might not be the successful people they are today. Again this subject may be off topic, but I think is an important factor to concussions. The pressure for kids to make “the team” is being put on them more now than it ever has. Not is the pressure on for making “the team” but for sucking it up when they get hurt and staying in the game.


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