Impact of Concussions

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20      
  Sept. 2012. Web. 30. Jan. 2013.

           Straight A student and soccer star what can be better? For Sarah this all changed just from her concussion she suffered in soccer. Sarah’s stated, “For me, recovering from the concussion was harder than recovering from other injuries I’ve had. When I got a concussion, I expected to sit out some games, but I never realized that it would actually hurt to think.”  Sarah’s biggest struggle she faced was here everyday school life. She required support and constant communication between her doctors, parents, and teachers. For two months Sarah could not stay through a full day of school without her symptoms causing a distraction. Sarah said, “My concussion didn’t just sideline me from sports; it also sidelined me from school. Before my injury, I was taking advanced classes. Immediately afterward, I couldn’t even do simple math problems in my head and couldn’t keep up with the lessons. Without extra support, my injury could have had a significant negative impact on my academic record.” After a long four months of appropriate recovery Sarah made a full recovery. She is now successful in her school work and on the sports field.
           Concussions can have a drastic impact on you in school. You may need to take rest breaks as needed, spend fewer hours at school, be given more time to take tests or complete assignments, receive help with schoolwork, and/or spend less time on the computer, reading, or writing. While most athletes do recover quickly and fully there are some who may experience what Sarah experienced. The most important thing is to make sure you recover the right way and fully.


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