Girls Soccer

“Girls Soccer & Concussions (PCS).” YouTube. YouTube, 08 Aug. 2012. Web. 16 Dec. 2012.

Insider Health TV reports on the epidemic of concussions in girl’s soccer. Girl’s soccer is rapidly growing and the amount of concussions is rising with it. According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, “Girls report nearly twice as many concussions as boys in the sports they play.” With this being said it is reported that girl’s soccer is the second largest amount of all concussions. The dangers of concussions are indeed in the original trauma, but they are also in the post syndrome years after.
One concussion can be dangerous and have lasting effects. With just one concussion you can suffer headaches, dizziness, nausea, visions problems and even depression. The main concern in girl’s soccer is the heading that can lead to concussions. Now heading the ball itself may not cause the concussion, but the head on head and elbow to head collisions could. Heading the ball is a part of the game, but there are safety measures that can be taken. Learning the right way to head a ball can decrease your risk of a concussion drastically.
Being a soccer player I am a little biased when I hear the information. I don’t doubt the researchers and the information they have found out but when it comes to heading the ball I have to disagree. They say there are safety measures that can be taken, but when you’re in a soccer game I can guarantee you aren’t thinking about how you can safely jump up to head the ball. The only thing that goes through my mind is how I can head the ball before the opposing opponent does and if I have to shove her while in the process then I will. There are risks you are going to have to take being a part of any sport you play. Although I have to disagree about heading the ball I do agree with being smart. If I knew I had a concussion I would step out of the game and take a break from playing.  It is not worth risking the damage to my brain.


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