Are Concussions Speeding Up Aging?

“Concussions and Head Impacts May Accelerate Brain Aging.” Concussions and Head Impacts May Accelerate Brain Aging. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2012.

Can a concussion really speed up the aging in your brain? This is what the Researchers from the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology and the U-M Health System took a look at. The researchers looked at college students with and without a history of concussion and found a difference between them. The differences were found in the  balance and in the brain’s electrical activity, specifically attention and impulse control. Although these differences were not seen present until six years after the injury and was not a drastic difference.

Now of course the point of this was to perform a study not scare people Broglio stated. There are other factors that can effect this study and that would be the lifestyle of the person. Whether the person smokes, the amount alcohol consumption, physical exercise, family history and whether or not you “exercise” your brain also impact the brain’s aging process. A concussion can just be a small portion to this factor of speeding up aging. Just because you get a concussion does not mean your aging will speed up, but repetitive concussion may.

While looking into more about concussions this is the first time I have heard about speeding up aging, but this does not surprise me. When you get a concussion you are damaging your brain. Again like in my last post this is not meant to scare you it is meant to make you more aware. I am no expert on concussions from reading a couple of articles and watching a couple video clips, but I am more aware and informed.


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