Growing Concussions in Girls’ Soccer

“Concussion Crisis Growing in Girls’ Soccer.” Rock Center with Brian Williams. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2012.

Concussions in girls’ soccer is a growing epidemic and has effected thousands of girls in the sport. Today girls make up 48 percent of the more than 3 million kids registered in US Youth Soccer leagues. With such a big percentage of girls playing soccer it is now said to be the second largest amount of all reported concussion in young athletes, according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Concussions are and have put many young athletes out of the game for the rest of their life’s and leaving a lasting effect on their daily lives.

Kimmie Zeffert age fourteen was one of many girls to tell her story of her concussions. Kimmie was twelve years old when she had her first concussion. She had gone up for a header with another player and was elbowed in the back of the head. Kimmie knew something didn’t feel right, but when asked if she was okay and if she needed to come out of the game she said no she was fine and stayed in. Those hits and elbows to her head had the consequences and needed up ending her career in soccer at a young age.

I found this article to be one of the most interesting stories I have read. This story was also shown on TV on NBC with Brian Williams and my mom had shown me it. I had watched it and found this to also not only be on the interesting stories, but one very sad. Some of the girls that had told their stories in the article lives changed forever, some can’t be in school for more than four hours and some can’t be in a regular lighted room without getting a intense headaches. This article really opened up my eyes to the growing epidemic of concussions, especially in the sport I play. I put myself at risk everyday I step on the field and could face these daily challenges that these girls face too if I’m not careful.


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